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Characteristics of Plywood depend on its production method, surface treatment technique and type of used raw materials in it. This type of laminated wooden board is mainly used for construction and furniture designing purpose. Multiple layers of softwood or hardwood shavings and chips are bonded together by using adhesives to produce Plywood. Laminated layers and applied adhesive of this wooden board have made it stronger than natural wood. Moreover, alternating grains of this laminated product improve its shrink and expansion resistance properties. Sheets of this board can be accessed in different thickness ranges to suit specific application needs. High tensile strength of this laminated product promotes uniform distribution of load over specific area so that it can endure high load, heavy blow of wind and seismic effects.


1) Laminated construction and cross graining of this board ensure about its optimum strength and high stress enduring capacity.
2) It is used as affordable substitute of wooden formwork and flooring.
3) High flexibility level
4) Good acoustic and thermal properties